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    Sir,<BR> I am working under windows 95 and installed Personnel Web Server but I am not able to run my asp programs in the browser.<BR>what should I do?. For writing ASP programs I am using internet <BR>developer (Visual Inetdev) tool. Please guide me properly what settings I have to do after installing PWS to run ASP programs in the browser.

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    for ASP to work with PWS your browser must be directed to it. (this may not be the problem, but we will see) If you are trying to open your pages in your browser by opening the file (i.e. C:\inetpubwwwroot) in the URL, it won&#039t work. You have to enter http://localhost/ as your URL and make sure your web pages are in your default web directory ( usually C:\inetpubwwwroot ). If all else fails try reinstalling.

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