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    OK here is my scenario:<BR><BR>I have written a ASP app, which allows a user to input information in to a form, which is stored in the DB. Once it is Inserted in the DB, and Email is sent to a Superviosr for Approval of the inputted information. It seems that we have several supervisors, who do not respond right away, and tend to forgett that they need to approve these items. So these items sit in the DB, waiting for approval, and no one seems to do it<BR><BR>You would think they should get fired....<BR><BR>Anyways, I need to create some sort of app which query the DB AUTOMATICALLY 2-3 times a day, and see if items have been approved within a certain amount of time, and if not to resend another email to the superviosr who needs to approve it.<BR><BR>The key here is AUTOMATICALLY. I can not put a script in a page, which checks it because then they would be recieiving 1000+ emails in any given hour for the same item<BR><BR>I guess they would learn their lesson.<BR><BR>Basically I need to know how to make the app which goes "Oh look it is 12:00 pm, I need to query the DB to see if anything is old" How do I make this automatically happen<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Skooter

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    Hi ! You can use WSH for automating the tasks . You can refer to the article Automating tasks with WSH on this site 4guysfromrolla. Also you can use windows&#039; task sceduler for this for automating your tasks to be executed at particular time of the day. <BR>Regards.

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