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    Tara Guest

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    I have a field that is an autonumber field and I want to copy the contents of that field to a password field to create a temporary password that they can later go in and change. This field is a text field. It&#039;s giving me a type mismatch when I try to say:<BR>CompanyRS("PASSWORD")=CompanyRS("ID")<BR>H ow do I make it treat the number like text?

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    VBScript :<BR>CompanyRS("PASSWORD")=CStr(CompanyRS("ID"))<B R><BR>JScript :<BR><BR>CompanyRS("PASSWORD") = new String(CompanyRS("ID"));<BR><BR>j<BR><BR>

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    Tara Guest

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    I tried this:<BR><BR>VBScript : <BR>CompanyRS("PASSWORD")=CStr(CompanyRS("ID")) <BR><BR>and get a type mismatch error. Could it be because it&#039;s trying to copy the autonumber field before the record is actually written or does that matter?

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    CompanyRS.AddNew &#039; Create the new record<BR>CompanyRs.Update &#039; Append it<BR><BR>CompanyRS("PASSWORD")=CStr(CompanyRS("ID ")) &#039; Retrieve the autonumber<BR>CompanyRs.Update &#039; Save record to update it.<BR>

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    Tara Guest

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    Thanks for everyone&#039;s help, but it&#039;s still not working. I guess it&#039;s just time for me to change my thinking and put something else in the password field!

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