Depending on the record that I pull from the recordset, I want to call a subroutine that creates either a text input box or a dynamic list box. So I created a field called fldCstSub and stored a Sub routine name (ex subPrintName)<BR><BR>In the asp code: get the recordset, get value from fldCstSub, and then try to go to the subroutine by that name. Call statements and such result in an error because the value or the variable storing the sub name are not getting transferred.<BR><BR>I know I could do this by using a Select Case but I am trying to avoid having to maintain a really long Select Case statement for every possible value. <BR><BR>Really I would like to have the code to generate the input box or list box stored in database, and pull it as needed. But my lack of knowledge about SQL seems to keep me from doing that. Some of the code for the list boxes is 40-50 lines long and SQL is balking at it. I know it is my own inexperience, but while I learn, I am trying to use the sub routine method listed above.<BR><BR>Is this possible and how would I do it? TIA