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    My dillemma is that I am using the FileSystemObject to access files on our NT server. My code to get the file I want to open is this: <BR><BR>getfile1 = "............
    flinternet\" & random1 & ".132"<BR>Set getfile2 = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR>getfile3 = Server.MapPath(getfile1)<BR>Set InStream = getfile2.OpenTextFile(getfile3, 1, False, False)<BR><BR>The issue at hand is that I need to set this block of code up so that I first check to see if it exists, and secondly if it does exist, make sure that it is not 0 MB. In this case my ASP page may try and access the file before another application is finished creating it - hence the 0 MB rule. Can someone help me with the code?????? Please

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    Default Answers abound on

    How can I determine the size of a file on the Web server through an ASP page?<BR><BR><BR>How do I find out if a file exists?<BR><BR><BR>All other FSO-related FAQs:<BR>

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