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    I am creating a site that needs the ability to upload and display Access database tables. The first part is easy, I upload the database, allow the user to choose which table, and then which fields to display. The problem is: the main test group's database has 5000 records. I will have queries thrown against it, but first I need to display the first page (say...25 records of the 5000). I can't even fetch the recordset because it is too massive. I have the .Cachesize set to 100, but it still can't create the recordset, even after 5 minutes. (this is without displaying anything, just fetching the recordset and closing). I thought about opening up the table and adding my own field, say "MySpecialID(auto-number)" and then selecting records "WHERE MySpecialID < 26" but I can't figure out how to edit the table. Anyone have any ideas on how to speed this up? Please bare in mind that the user is allowed to sumbit any access database, and is not required to change anything before uploading.

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    Why would you users be uploading access db&#039;s?<BR><BR>Apart from that. I have used a table with &#062;30,000 records, and not had problems. However, one way to reduce your recordset is to use the TOP keyword in your select statement:<BR><BR>Select top 25 * from [yourtable]<BR><BR>Hope this helps!

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