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    soundmind Guest

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    I just upgraded my OS to Windows ME. I'm just a newbie, trying to learn ASP. I used to have MS Personal Web Server 95 before I upgraded my OS. Now I'm lost in what to install as my personal web server. Can you please help? URLs directly linking to site/page will be very appreciated! Thank you.

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    Right click on MY COMPUTER and go to WINDOWS SETUP. I think under INTERNET OPTIONS you&#039;ll see PWS.<BR><BR>(It&#039;s bundled with 98 and ME)

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    Nathan Masek Guest

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    Right-Clicking on my computer didnt work for me. If it doesn&#039;t work for you just go to Start&#062;Settings&#062;Control Panel<BR>Click "Add/Remove Programs" and go to the "Windows Setup" tab.

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