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    1)I have folder named "myfolder" in root directory.<BR>2)I_user do not have read permission to that folder.<BR>3)Type of security is windows basic authentication.<BR>4)I want to pass username and passward to server(through asp script) so that client would be authenticated and will have read access to that directory.<BR><BR>( simply saying I do not want to fill username and password field provided by browser when I try to access, insted of that some asp script could do that for me?? )

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    I had a similar dilemma recently and while I don&#039;t think it&#039;s possible to provide the Username/Password via ASP code, I found a workaround.<BR>Under IIS, right click on the folder, select properties.<BR>Go to Directory security.<BR>Where it says anonymous access & authentication control, hit edit.<BR>Where it says Account for Anonymous access, click Edit. <BR>Change the anonymous user from the IUSR_machinename to an authenticated user and supply the password. Make sure you don&#039;t check &#039;Allow IIS to control password&#039;. <BR>Make sure only anonymous access is checked.<BR>Your users won&#039;t get a pop-up but the folder will be accessed as if the user had filled in the ID/pass.<BR>HTH<BR>

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