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    CERqueen Guest

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    I have a page that submits variables to another page to run a stored procedure which updates a database when a button is clicked. (form action = page.asp) After the stored procedure has run, I would like to display another page that requires input to run (access’s database to show recordset). Currently I redirect to another page that requires no input.<BR>Can I run the stored procedure from the 1st page that currently calls the page with the SP on it? How and where do I pass back the variable to the next page that I want displayed? <BR>

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    Nathan Masek Guest

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    You could try putting the values into sesssion variables and then blanking them out (Session("var") = "") at the end of the page.<BR><BR>- Nathan Masek

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    To redirect to other page, try this:<BR><BR>Response.Redirect "page.asp?value1=&#039;jose&value2=12" <BR><BR>The file that receives the data must do:<BR>myvalue1=Request.QueryString("value1")<BR> Hope it helps.

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    CERqueen Guest

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    Thanks, I&#039;ll give it a try!!

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    Nathan Masek Guest

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    I thought about this but what if lots of values needed to be transferred or the values were really long. The url in the location bar could get VERY ugly.<BR>

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