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    i first noticed this problem when a log file analyzer i threw together was giving me errors because of lines such as the following:<BR><BR>2001-02-05 01:36:54 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 80 GET /index.html &#060;B&#062;Failed+to+process+SSI+file+&#039;/index.html&#039;&#060;/B&#062;&lt;BR&gt;<BR> 200 Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+5.0;+Mac_PowerPC)<BR><BR>the re is a line break after the &lt;BR&gt; that the log file inserts which was generating the errors.<BR><BR>this is from one of 2 sites running on win2k server box, both with identical setups except for custom errors and home directory. the errors only arise for one of the sites, which has been in use on the machine longer. anyone hear of a message like this? the only information i could find about it from microsoft is the event ID is 11, with description "Failed to process SSI file &#039;%1&#039;.". not too much help there.<BR><BR>in all of the testing of the page, i have never had an error occur to me while viewing it, so i don&#039;t know if visitors are seeing visible problems or if it is just internal.<BR><BR>any information would be of great help.<BR><BR>boflynn@magnet.fsu.edu<BR>

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    looks like there&#039;s a linebreak that shouldn&#039;t be there at the end of the error message. is this a custom error?<BR><BR>j

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