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    Charlie Pyne Guest

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    This may be a dumb question, but here goes... <BR><BR>Is it possible to set up a web page on an IIS web server that asks a user for their network login and password and then verify them with the domain controller on the network.

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    Antoine LAGARDE Guest

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    Yes, you&#039;d better read the IIS documentation (security part)<BR><BR>When you start a server, access is allowed to any ppl and it&#039;s not requesting any password. But in the security params, you can set the website to be accessible ONLY to ppl that proceed to a Win authentification : they will have a box asking for their password and login.<BR>You have a lot of things to do first : you have to create each user on your computer (like if you were creating NT&#039;s accounts) and IIS will automaticaly see if the informations he submited fit the one on your system.<BR>(also authorise a distant computer to open a local section ... etc ...)<BR>One more time, read the IIS documentation :o)

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