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    Need some expert advice on use of session vaiables. I have a login page where users are validated and session vaiable :<BR>Session("id")= username created. I check for the existance of this variable on each secure page and if does not exist I return them to login page. So far so good.<BR><BR>Now the catch is I have a virtual directory in the published website which points to a physical directory on another drive. I want to make these pages secure too. Now when I put the code :<BR><BR>if Session("id") = "" response.redirect default.asp on the pages in the physical directory and the call is being made to these pages via the pages in the virtual directory, it returns the user to the default page even though a session varaible exists. How can I override this problem. Obviously the session variable is not carried on through the virtual directory for some reason. <BR><BR>Any suggesions - anyone..? Thanks a tonne !

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    I have just encountered the same thing, I think. <BR><BR>My login system works flawlessly on PWS. When I publish to my live IIS 4 server, it can be accessed as either:<BR><BR>or just the psuedonym<BR>Site/<BR><BR>Apparently, the server decides on a whim between two machines to actually serve the pages from (trust me, I DON&#039;T know what I&#039;m talking about with servers). The fact that there are two names for the same web may not have anything to do with the two machines issue. <BR><BR>The pages on the two servers are identical, but the session variables do not persist between servers. My users have to keep logging in. <BR><BR>Where do you learn about this stuff? <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>

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