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    &nbsp;<BR>(1) I wanted to take the plunge and start playing with the ASP.NET stuff; but before I start I&#039;d like any advice regarding WHICH language I should use...VB or C#? Is there any gain using one over the other? I have some experience in both, probably a bit more with VB. Is it REALLY merely just preference? <BR><BR>(2) Does anyone recommend a good ASP.NET reference book(s)?<BR><BR>Thank you in advance for your input!

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    Scott Worley Guest

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    Hi<BR><BR>(1) - its pretty much preference, however microsoft does seem to have more support at the moment for C#, and there are a few things that can be done in C# that are harder to do in VB.NET, but in the end it is just what you are familiar with, if you know VB/VBScript - VB.NET is a good choice, JAVA/C/C++ - then C#, I would suggest that once you have a good understanding of one you should look at the other, the time taken to migrate from VB.NET to C# is pretty quick, all of the base classes and pragmatic usage is the pretty much the same.<BR><BR>(2) - There are not that many around, you have &#039;Preview of Active Server Pages+&#039; and some references to ASP.NET in most other C# books and .NET overview books, also the book Debugging Active server pages, has a quick introduction ASP.NET as its last chapter, but it is hardly worth the price of the book.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR><BR>Respect & Honour<BR><BR><BR>Scott Worley

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    Rob Guest

    Default Visual Basic is by Far Easier

    Perhpas Scott is right that there are a couple things can be done easier in C# than in Visual Basic. And personal preference is the key. But there is NO WAY <BR>that C# is easier to learn and write than Visual Basic. I don&#039;t care how much they have revised C++ to become C# it is nowhere near as user friendly as VB.<BR><BR>Rob<BR>

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    Adam Sills Guest

    Default RE: Visual Basic is by Far Easier

    I don&#039;t know...I programmed C/C++ six years ago, Java off and on, and have been doing VB for two, and when C# came out I picked up in a couple of weeks. <BR><BR>Frankly, I had more trouble figuring out VB.NET than C#. I really think it&#039;s all personal preference. I prefer the C-style syntax, since when I first started programming that&#039;s what I used, and hence I learned C# much easier than VB.NET...<BR><BR>adam..

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    murtz Guest

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    i am also starting on dot net framework .<BR> what i have learned from all the articles i have read till now it seems c# is a better option as u can use the object orientation concepts to its fullest .<BR>but my problem is that i wanna develop a project in asp+ using visual interdev in dot net framework.please let me know if u can help me at my email<BR>thanx <BR>bye

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