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    I am currently having problems of getting the network share specification of a different server which is on the same network as the NT Server I&#039;m developing on.<BR><BR>-------------- Example1: -------------<BR><BR>I have used the following example code: <BR><BR>Dim drvPath<BR><BR>&#039;These lines are rem&#039;d for changing of the drive source<BR>REM drvPath = "D:wwwroot\"<BR>REM drvPath = "V:DirectoryName"<BR>drvPath = "\ServerNameDirectoryName"<BR><BR>Set d = objFSO.GetDrive(objFSO.GetDriveName(drvPath))<BR>< BR>s = "Drive " & UCase(drvPath) & " - " <BR>s = s & d.VolumeName & "<BR>"<BR>s = s & "Free Space: " & FormatNumber(d.FreeSpace/1024, 0) <BR>s = s & " Kbytes" <BR>ShowFreeSpace = s<BR><BR>Response.Write ShowFreeSpace<BR><BR>----------------------------------------<BR><BR>The above code works if it is a local drive (example: D:wwwroot) on the NT Server.<BR><BR><BR>I have mapped the network drive of Server1 (on the same network/workgroup) on to the NTServer2 which I am developing on (which executes the ASP code), and have called it drive V: and have set the permission on the server1 to allow NTServer2 read/write access.<BR><BR>I have managed (in a small bit of code) to list the number of Drives on the NTserver2 using the object: <BR><BR>objFSO.Drives<BR><BR>The mapped drive called V: shows up on the list of existing drives.<BR><BR>I have used the above (example1) code to get the volume size of the V: mapped network drive and keep on getting an error message(shown below) when drive V: is read<BR><BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a0047&#039; <BR><BR>Drive not ready<BR><BR><BR><BR>I am pretty confident that it is an NT Admin task... and that it is something to do with the setup of the permission settings on the server that I&#039;m trying to get access to. <BR><BR>Any ideas or any solution on why the above happens would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>Yours Gratefully,<BR>Simon

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    Have you checked the NTFS file permission in IIS, as the permissions need to be set to allow the NTServer to communicate with the Server you want to connect to.

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