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    I have a page that adds companies to a database. It links to a section where the user can add contacts for that company. <BR>Each company is identified by a unique number that is generated when they&#039;re inserted into the database. <BR>The contacts are stored in a separate table from the company. While each contact is uniquely identified by their own autonumber, they need to be associated with the company through the company&#039;s autonumber. <BR>I do not wish to insert all the company data before the contact is added (so the user doesn&#039;t have to do things in a set order). What I would like to do is insert the company&#039;s ABN into the database when the user enters it (eg use javascript to detect onChange, call a function and check it&#039;s the first time the field has been changed), get the autonumber that&#039;s generated for the new company and pass it through to the contacts page. <BR>Is this possible?

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    If you create a javascript function that grabs the value from the form field and then call an ASP function that inserts it into the database, you should then be able to use @@Identity to get the value of the autonumber

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