Any UBB-like ASP'd message boards?

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Thread: Any UBB-like ASP'd message boards?

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    Default Any UBB-like ASP'd message boards?

    Good Evening,<BR><BR>I have been using the Ultimate Bulletin Board on my site for a few years now, and I am quite tired of it. Despite the great interface, power, and everything, it is CGI-based, and I simply cannot stand that anymore, I want ASP power! :)<BR><BR>Basically, is there any sort of forum that looks like UBB but is database&#039;d in ASP? For example, if you visit you will see a PHP-based message forum that looks like the UBB -- I need something like that but ASP-based.<BR><BR>Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Saam Tariverdi<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Any UBB-like ASP'd message boards? They make an awesome ubb-like ASP based forum, best of all its free. You can see an example at

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