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Thread: Running .ASPX files on IIS5

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    I have installed Microsoft .NET Framework complete from microsoft with 3 CDs(Beta1) on Windows 98, Windows2000 Professional Server(Beta) also. But if i am trying to runnning the file from the browser it is not actually executing it, instead of it is asking where you want to save it(SAVE DIALOG). What could be the problem? How can i run the .aspx file on the IIS5.0.<BR> <BR> Also i have downloaded the .NET framework from Microsoft site, installed it. But still it is not working. Pls give the solution for this problem.<BR>

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    There should be no problems running aspx pages as long as you installed IIS5 BEFORE you installed the .NET SDK.<BR>If you didn&#039;t, just rip it out and start ova =)

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