I have table with following structure :<BR><BR>DEPARTMENT, PARENT_DEPARTMENT, SEQUENCE<BR>---------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>IT, null, 1<BR>Software, IT, 1<BR>Testing, IT, 2<BR><BR>HR,null,2<BR>Recruiting, HR, 1<BR>Legal, HR, 2<BR><BR>This information I’m displaying in ASP using tree structure silimar to shown in <BR>http://www.siteexperts.com/tips/webfx/ts05/page1.asp<BR><BR>I’m very much new to this type of tree logic.<BR>If you guys used this type of logic in your application I have few questions :<BR><BR>01. Is it possible to display department and sequence number in a text box when we click on any department ( for example when we click on Testing the value “Testing” should appear in text box 1 and value “2” should appear in text box 2.<BR><BR>02. Is it possible that the tree expands fully when we click on any top parent. Means when I click on “HR” it should displays all the heirarchy/ sub heirarchy under “HR”<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>