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Thread: Microsoft Word with ASP? --URGENT--

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    I&#039;m developing a website for a big company that transcribes business calls into actual text copies. We want to have the employees transcribe online, and write it into a memo field on a DB (which is no prob for me), then when it&#039;s finished, we want the employee to indicate that, and the ASP would create a Microsoft Word document, transfer the text into that word document, then save it on the server. my main questions are:<BR><BR>1) IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!<BR>2) Any good references i can get to figure this out?<BR><BR>Please answer as this is urgent! the masses always have the answer, which is why i bring my problems to you.

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    they have some good stuff about using word with asp. Sorry I don&#039;t have the urls though<BR><BR>mj

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    they&#039;re now subscription based, but you can beat the charge by searching on for &#039;; and &#039;Word&#039; (or whatever) and grabbing the cached document.<BR><BR>I didn&#039;t tell you this, you understand (blame google, not me)<BR><BR>j

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