I was told that MTS is renamed COM+ in win2k and that is the reason I can&#039;t find MTS on my win2k pc. I tried to install PWS on my 98 machine which is supposed to install MTS because I have an MTS book that I&#039;m trying to work through. However, it continually gives me an error when it tries to install MTS. So, I&#039;m just wondering how relevent my MTS book is if I can&#039;t even get any of the exercises to run since I can&#039;t get MTS installed on either machine. Should I exchange this book for a COM+ book to learn the most up to date material? Thanks.<BR><BR>Oh, I know this isn&#039;t really ASP, but it&#039;s somewhat related and this is the best board I&#039;ve found online so far, so I figured I&#039;d throw it out for anyone to answer. Thanks everyone!