Hosting several hundred sites on Windows 2000 server with 2 gigs of ram. Every now and then (2-3 times a day), the main dllhost.exe process gets overloaded on the web server. When this happens, any asp pages that are being served by the main dllhost.exe program error out. This usually happens after several hours and the memory usage for the main dllhost process is 140mb +. The dllhost.exe process will not shut down, it just keeps screwing up asp requests until I kill it myself. What I have been doing is assigning the web sites that report the problem to an isolated process so they aren&#039;t sharing the main dllhost instance. The problem is after close to 40 sites have been isolated the main dllhost is still having issues. The million dollar question is, is there any way to determine the origin of say an asp page that is ravenously gobbling up memory and never letting it go? I need to figure out which, if any, site is misusing system resources. Even if I can just isolate this site in it&#039;s own allocation of memory, at least it won&#039;t be able to hurt any of the well behaved sites. :D<BR><BR>I&#039;ve probably aged 15 years in the last three months because of this. Any solution would literally make me stand up on my desk and dance like a crazed circus monkey. <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jeremiah