Need help Creating file on server with ASP

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Thread: Need help Creating file on server with ASP

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    Default Need help Creating file on server with ASP

    OK heres what I am trying. I have a Top Ten Humor Webpage. I want users to be able to write their own lists and submit them. I have created a form that when users fill in and submit it sends the info to an asp page that is basiclly a template for the page i want to create. The page comes out, but it is only on the browser and is never on the server. I want it to save the page to the server. I think i am supposed to use the CreateTextFile method, but my JavaScrip and VB skills aren't really up to par for this and I don't really want to have to learn them for this one script. So if anyone can write a script I would appreciate it. I can't pay because I am running low on funds, but I will give credit on my page and throw a banner in for you if you want. You can post the script here or If you can email me at

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    Default bite the bullet and learn it

    it&#039;s very easy - there are tutorials on and<BR><BR>should take you, what - 25 minutes?<BR><BR>j

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