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    How can I write a SQL statement that will compare fields in two tables and return the recordsets that are not alike?

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    Research the SQL keyword JOIN. It will give you a better description on what you&#039;re trying to do... since it&#039;s impossible to determine what exactly the results you want.<BR><BR>Look at:<BR><BR>LEFT INNER JOIN<BR>LEFT OUTER JOIN<BR>RIGHT INNER JOIN<BR>RIGHT OUTER JOIN<BR><BR>etc... try the SQL Internet Resource link on the toolbar on the left.

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    Have not worked with Joins much BUT<BR><BR>how about<BR><BR>select * from table1 where Table1.ID not in (select Id from Table2)<BR><BR>or something like this using "NOT IN" this will NOT work if there are records you wnat to retrieve from BOTH tables which are not in either of them<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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