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    Bill H. Guest

    Default Servervariables maybe?

    Is there any way to exclude people from certain geographic regions from viewing a website. I'm thinking countries directing people from the UK to one site and people from Russia to another. Request.Servervariables maybe? Am I barking up the wrong tree? Thanks for any help.

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    Dont see how you can do that UNLESS the user chooses to tell you so<BR><BR><BR>i might be in Baluchistan and access your site using a server in will you know where i am??<BR><BR>even then i do not believe there is some simple ASP which will tell you where the user is requesting a page from<BR><BR>

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    Bill H. Guest

    Default Didn't think so

    Oh well. Worth the effort. I told the client that it&#039;s pretty much impossible. Thanks for the help Akhilesh...

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