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Thread: xml + xslt != ie5 + mac

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    we&#039;re using the same set of xml docs behind our flash site and html site. <BR><BR>for the html we&#039;re using server-side transformation ... &#039;cause client side transforms are iffy at best. <BR><BR>it&#039;s working swimmingly except for on mac running ie5 ... every other platform sees it as flawless html ... but ie5 on a mac somehow pulls a couple extra characters out of its ear and bombs ... specifically it inserts "ÿ&#060;thorn&#062;" before the html. <BR><BR>if you have mac and ie5 you can experience the unmitigated horror at ... <BR>click the "my shops" button in the left menu and then use the map to navigate to any shopping center. the actual shopping center pages and individual shop pages are generated with server-side transformations. <BR>all of the pages leading to these pages are generated server-side from asps and don&#039;t have any mysteriously appearing characters. <BR><BR>has anyone encountered this? found a solution? have some valium i can borrow before i pull all my hair out? <BR><BR>cheers and chortling crustaceans, <BR><BR>julian loren <BR>dr_jkl@hotmail.com <BR><BR>

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    I couldn&#039;t replicate w/ ie5 and w2k on your site, but I&#039;ve had the same problem on the intranet I design. I just run the transform into a string, and replace any occurance of that odd combination with "".<BR><BR>xmResponse = xmlobj.transformNode(xslobj.documentElement)<BR>Re sponse.Write replace(xmResponse,"ÿþ","")<BR><BR>Works, as long as you don&#039;t have any valid occurence.

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