I&#039;m running an INSERT query statement and getting the following error message: "error converting data type numeric to numeric".<BR><BR>The following is the SQL for my stored procedure:<BR>CREATE PROCEDURE InsCourseProfile<BR> @prmCreated datetime,<BR> @prmModified datetime,<BR> @prmProductCategory VarChar(50), <BR> @prmCourseCategory VarChar(50), <BR> @prmCourseType VarChar(50), <BR> @prmClasskey VarChar(50),<BR> @prmFee money,<BR> @prmName varchar(50),<BR> @prmDuration numeric(2,2),<BR> @prmMinsize smallint,<BR> @prmMaxSize smallint<BR>AS<BR> INSERT INTO [Course Profile]<BR> (cp_Created,<BR> cp_Modified,<BR> cp_ProductCategory,<BR> cp_CourseCategory,<BR> cp_CourseType,<BR> cp_Classkey,<BR> cp_Fee,<BR> cp_Name,<BR> cp_Duration,<BR> cp_Minsize,<BR> cp_Maxsize) <BR> VALUES (@prmCreated,<BR> @prmModified,<BR> @prmProductCategory,<BR> @prmCourseCategory,<BR> @prmCourseType, <BR> @prmClasskey,<BR> @prmFee,<BR> @prmName,<BR> @prmDuration,<BR> @prmMinsize,<BR> @prmMaxSize)<BR>GO<BR><BR>I know the error that I&#039;m getting is on the @prmDuration variable. When I step thru my code, this variable has the value 1.5 and as you can see the variable is defined as numeric(2,2) -2 digits to the left & 2 digits to the right of the decimal point. In the design window of the database, the field is defined as follows: Datatype - numeric, Length 5 with a precision of 2 and scale of 2.<BR><BR>I tried looking online and in the sql server help, but couldn&#039;t find anything to help me. Can someone please help me here??? <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Bill.....<BR><BR>