I have an ASP page with lots of functions on it. A simple (but lengthy) " if then else " statement determines which which functions are called. I have many redirects within these functions that are called depending on the results of the functions. &#062; I have been getting an error &#039Unspecified error&#039 referencing the line where I open my DSN database connection. It does not always happen. Sometimes everything works great. When it does happen which is becoming more often, it is cured by not accessing the site for a while, but nothing else seems to work. I figure it has something to do with the connection not being closed properly... so I make sure I close the connection before each redirect ( since it will onlly go that route once.) This seemed to work for a while, but... the next time I opened the access database in Access and not from the web I start getting it again. so then I try setting the connection object to nothing, but apparantly this happens anytime the statement is made regardless of if-then-else statements and gives me a different error.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR> <BR>