Hello, I&#039;ve gone thru a number of sites that explain how to us CDONTS for sending mail on an ASP page. I own a copy of &#039;ASP in a nutshell&#039; by o&#039;reilly press. I convinced I&#039;m coding correctly. So I&#039;m attributing the problem to my SMTP virtual server. I have my own server on a fibre connection. The server is W2K ADV SRV 2000. I have web & dns services running, so I can master my own domain. I setup a SMTP server. <BR><BR>I was wondering if anyone may be able to pass along some info on what they did to properly configure their SMTP server, or any troubles they have encountered and what was done to correct it.<BR><BR>I am not getting any ASP error messages or anything of the sort. I have checked the mail drop directories and nothing gets recorded into them.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help!<BR>-Shaun<BR>srossi@idirect.com