PWS hangs after running my.asp file

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Thread: PWS hangs after running my.asp file

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    Barry Guest

    Default PWS hangs after running my.asp file

    - PWS is all set up and running in Win98.<BR>- I run an xxx.asp file in the home directory, it accesses a<BR>database and returns the result OK.<BR>- I run a second yyy.asp file in the same directory, also reading<BR>database records, it seems to be looking and looking and gets nowhere.<BR>- I attempt to restart the machine (drastic, I know), and it<BR>tells me there is a task still running. This task is not visible from the task list. Ending the task the machine restarts.<BR>- Back again, PWS is up and running OK.<BR>- This time I run yyy.asp first. No problem. I can even run it successively with no problem.<BR>- Then running xxx.asp, it hangs again.<BR><BR>I have the impression, that when one .asp has run, some essential<BR>resources are not released. <BR>The database recordset is closed in the code.<BR><BR>Also, even though I can run the first file successfully, if I edit the file and refresh the browser (IE5), the changes are not reflected on the new screen.<BR><BR>Any help would be most appreciated.<BR><BR>Barry<BR>

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    Default known bug

    there&#039;s a fix on - you&#039;ll probably need to do a search for it - it&#039;s entitled something like PWS/windows 98 bug<BR><BR>j

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    Barry Guest

    Default Thanks Atrax + solution link

    Thanks Atrax.<BR>That made my day.<BR><BR>The link for the solution to this problem is:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Barry

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    timwood9 Guest

    Default RE: Thanks Atrax + solution link

    **** that link is dead. Still looking for the solution. In the mean time I&#039;ll hold off upgrading and stick to win95. Hope I&#039;m not missing out on too much re: win98.

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