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Thread: Delete Query??? Please Help

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    Vince Carter Guest

    Default Delete Query??? Please Help

    delsql="Delete * FROM Materialsubscription WHERE Materialsubscription.Loginid=&#039;& strloginname &&#039; AND Materialsubscription.Password=&#039;& strloginpasswd &&#039;;"<BR><BR><BR>objConnection.Execute(delsql) <BR><BR>Can some one tell me why my delete query is not working?? i have 5 insert queries right after that, all that works. <BR><BR>FYI This delete query will have more than 1 match<BR>

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    New ASP Guest

    Default try this pls

    delsql="Delete FROM Materialsubscription WHERE Materialsubscription.Loginid=&#039;" & strloginname & "&#039; AND Materialsubscription.Password=&#039;" & strloginpasswd & "&#039;"<BR>

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    Vince Carter Guest

    Default RE: try this pls

    It Worked Thanks

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    New ASP Guest

    Default Any time.<eof>


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