COM EXE is OK but DLL bombs.

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Thread: COM EXE is OK but DLL bombs.

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    Default COM EXE is OK but DLL bombs.

    When we compile our component as an exe, the ASP page can see it and creates it properly. <BR>As a DLL, it doesn&#039;t even initialize the class. <BR>We get an error about not being able to create the activex component. <BR>

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    don&#039;t know what you did, but try this<BR><BR>registering your component first<BR>if you use MTS register the DLL via MTS (put it in a package and MTS will register it for you.<BR>if you don&#039;t use MTS register the DLL using regsvr32<BR><BR>in the asp<BR>dim obj<BR>set obj = Server.CreateObject("ProgID")<BR>&#039; ProgID - mark CapsLock it&#039;s CAPS sensitive<BR>&#039; ProgID = DLL-name.Class-name (you can find the ProgId in the register!)<BR>&#039; now you must be able to call all the methods and properties<BR> <BR>

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