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    below I describe what I am going to do and then pose my question.<BR>I thank you in advance for your kind reply.<BR><BR>I have a table which describes all the fields of another table.<BR>let&#039;s say :<BR><BR>table=Fitem which describs the fields of the table called person<BR>it_code it_name it_fld<BR>------- ---------------- -------<BR> 1 name of person p_name<BR> 2 phone number p_tel<BR> 3 persons heigth p_heigth <BR>--------------------------------- this table has about 120 rows<BR><BR>second table=Fperson<BR>p_name p_tel p_heigth .....................<BR>------ ----- -------- ------ ----<BR>jack 2112 1.80 .......<BR>jhone 3232 1.72<BR>smith 5454 1.65<BR>---------------------------------------<BR>now<BR>I have a form by which the user can first choose a field<BR>from Fitem(I mean a row which relates to Fperson)<BR>then in the same page <BR>I displays the records of the selected column in Fperson<BR>permitting modification of all the records for that column. <BR><BR>suppose the user chooses the "persons heigth" from Fitem <BR>I then list records of " p_heigth + p_name " fields from Fperson<BR>allowing just "p_heigth" to be modified for all the records listed.<BR><BR>up to here I have no problem<BR>my problem is that I do not know how to update the modified colum records of Fperson.<BR>

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    there&#039;s an article on using multiple selects on http://www.infinitemonkeys.ws/ which may help<BR><BR>j

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