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    cheril Guest

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    Is it possible to send multiple users different emails.<BR>Basically I want to send all my users links to pages of<BR>categories they have selected from my database table.<BR>So different users will have links to different pages,<BR>that is whenever I send my mails to my registered users<BR>they should get different messages with links to different<BR>pages.example is<BR>you have selected the following<BR>apple,orange,peach<BR>someone else might get<BR>U have selected the following<BR>banana,pencil,sports<BR>& so on <BR>Could someone give me an idea or script on how should I<BR>procede<BR>Thanx<BR>

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    jhollett Guest

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    Create variables from your db fields<BR>varselection1, varselecton2<BR>then create your mailer object with the following as the body:<BR>Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("jmail.smtpmail")<BR>...<BR>ma iltext = "You have selected " & vbCrLf<BR>mailtext = mailtext + varselection1 & " " & varselecton2<BR>Mailer.Body = mailtext <BR><BR>here &#039;m using Jmail, but it should work with whatever component your using....<BR><BR>jhollett<BR>jeremy@nwlynx.com<BR> www.nwlynx.com

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    cheril Guest

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    Thanx but<BR>Also after each link there will be a one line text which will change<BR>evrry week as the email is sent weekly,so should I use text files for that or what.

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    jhollett Guest

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    If I&#039;m understanding you correctly, I&#039;d suggest creating an extra field in the db to hold this single line of text. It doesn&#039;t make sense to grab data from many data stores.....<BR><BR><BR>jhollett<BR>www.nwlynx.com

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