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    is there a way to copy a table from access and create a new table in the same database? or even have a sub-table in my members table? does anyone follow?<BR>eg.<BR>Name :string<BR>Pass :string<BR>mynumber :number<BR>mylist :array(??)<BR> theirnumber:number<BR> theirname:string<BR>morestuff:something<BR><BR>or create a new table for each user&#039;s list...<BR><BR>sample source would be appreciated.. <BR>please help.. <BR><BR>Blair (email:<BR>thanks<BR><BR>

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    Ya!<BR>I think I got it.<BR>U just retrive the fields of the tabel and for every record enter the same into the other.<BR><BR>ex:<BR>set rs1=con.execute("select * from xyz where 1&#060;&#062;1")<BR>set rs=con.execute("selecty * from abc")<BR>while not rs.eof<BR><BR>rs1(0)=rs(0)<BR>rs1(1)=rs(1)<BR>.<BR >.<BR>.<BR>.<BR><BR><BR>rs.movenext<BR>wend<BR><BR ><BR>I think u got it!<BR>else<BR>mail me at

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