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    Default Forms, without using bravenet..! ?

    For my personal home page, if I ever have need of a form that sends data to my email address, I use bravenet forms. :P It&#039;s simple, and I don&#039;t have any real need to customize it.<BR><BR>My problem is that NOW, I&#039;m helping a very inexperienced html-writer design a commercial website (is that an oxymoron?), and he needs to use forms. For privacy and security reasons, I&#039;d rather not suggest to him to use another service for them. I know the process is long and the coding might very well kill me, (I&#039;ve seen a little of how it&#039;s done) but can someone suggest a way to produce a form that will email data to a specific address? Thanks so much,<BR>Cvr<BR>PS - I&#039;m also looking through some online html tutorials, so don&#039;t feel absolutely wretched if you can&#039;t help. ;)

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    Default Check out this article

    Mailing Form Results<BR><BR><BR>It assumes, of course, that you are using ASP on the Web server and that CDONTS is installed. Just try out the script and see if it works. :-)<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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