Could someone please help me out.<BR>I have built a chat room which we hold meetings in, and I an access 2000 database so i can keep all the records.<BR><BR>I use a frames page, top shows chats bottom holds the form.<BR>I used a meta tag to refresh the top frame every 10 seconds.<BR><BR>(Ideally i would like to make the top page only refresh when there is new content in the database, But the Meta tag will do)<BR><BR>The complaint from my staff is the clicking sound they hear every 10 seconds when page refreshes.<BR><BR>Can someone please help me with either of the 2 following.<BR><BR>1. How can i disable that clicking sound or reshesh the page in a different way to avoid hearing that sound?<BR><BR>2.Is there a way to have that page only refresh when a new message has been added? Refresh from server side?<BR>And where can i go to learn this, i have searched and coming up empty handed.<BR><BR>This is the code for messages on the top page. Not sure if it will help or not.<BR>&#060;%="&#060;Meta HTTP-EQUIV=""refresh"" content=""5; url=chat_main.asp""&#062;"%&#062; &#039;Meta refreshes every 10 seconds<BR><BR><BR>&#039;My Connection is an include file<BR>Dim sql<BR> sql = "Select Top 25 Chat.ID, Chat.Name, Chat.CD From Chat Order By ID Desc" &#039;Gets the messages and orders them<BR> Set rs = Conn.Execute(sql) <BR><BR> On Error Resume Next<BR> rs.MoveFirst<BR> Do While Not rs.EOF<BR> <BR> Response.Write "&#060;tr&#062;&#060;td&#062;" & (rs.Fields("Name").Value) & "<BR>" & (rs.Fields("CD").Value) & "&#060;/td&#062;&#060;/tr&#062;"<BR><BR><BR> rs.MoveNext<BR> Loop<BR> rs.Close<BR> Set rs=Nothing<BR> Conn.Close<BR> Set Conn=Nothing<BR> <BR>%&#062;<BR><BR><BR>Please help if you can.<BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Troy<BR><BR>