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    Topster Guest

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    How do you send email using asp? Please help me!<BR>Thanks!<BR>Topster

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    jhollett Guest

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    You need to access a email component on the server. I recommend jmail - it&#039;s free<BR><BR>Don&#039;t know the site url where you get it offhand, but search for jmail & you&#039;ll find it.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Adrian Guest

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    I found a tutorial on creating a mailing list in 4guysfromrolla. It works perfectly.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Adrian

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    Default, FAQ # 25

    How can I send an email using CDONTS?<BR><BR><BR>A list of email related FAQs can be seen at:<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!<BR>

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