Table issues between IE & Netscape

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Thread: Table issues between IE & Netscape

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    Default Table issues between IE & Netscape

    Could anyone tell me the possible conflits in handling table tag in IE and Netscape

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    J. Paul Schmidt Guest

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    Here is a good reference for what you are asking about.<BR><BR>Trials and Tabulations - Living in a Cell - Column Widths by "Doc JavaScript" - 2/17/1999<BR><BR><BR>Note that the above Web page is just one page of a multiple page article so be sure to do Previous and Next to see other related pages too.<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR>-Paul<BR><BR>J. Paul Schmidt, MBA<BR>Databases on the Web<BR><BR>

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    Matt G. Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>Your questions is too general...<BR><BR>Off the top of my head, as a rule of thumb IE is way for forgiving than Netscape. IE will still try and render ables even when closing tags are missing; not so for Netscape (you&#039;ll get a blank area where the mis-formatted table is).<BR><BR>I believe if you don&#039;t specifiy cellpadding and cellspacing in a table, Netscape will assume they are set to "2". IE assumes they are set to 0, which is usually what I want.<BR><BR>If you put a table over a background mage, or the table itself has a background image, in IE it will show through fine. In Netscape (I am talking 4 and 5 level browsers here) each cell in the table will try to have its own version of that background image. It ends up looking totally screwed with a bunch of clipped off images...<BR><BR>Anyway, play around with it and then ask a more specific question... I am sure there are dozens more things I could think of if I wanted to, but it is too much effort when I don&#039;t know the context of your question...<BR><BR>Matt G.<BR>

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