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    Jason Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I am making a website for my dart league. I want to implement a rating system for all of the members. Everyone starts out with a rating of 1500. My MatchResults table shows WinnerName, LoserName, MatchDate, and MatchResult (either a 1 for win, or a -1 for loss). The formula to determine new ratings are :<BR>NewRating=OldRating + (MatchResult*21 ) + (OpponantRating-OldRating)/25.<BR><BR>I just need some advice how to tackle this. Has anyone seen anything like this done before, or read an article maybe?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Jason

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    jhollett Guest

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    Not to difficult, but requires data access knowledge. Let me how much you know and I&#039;ll be glad to offer advice.<BR><BR><BR>

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