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    I am trying to us a virtual directory for asp testing on my personal workstation at home and when I enter "http://localhost/directorname/aspname" I get a message box indicating that that file is not available offline, do I want to connect. I am using Win2000 prof., IE5. If I am online the request and asp works fine. Is there a setting somewhere to allow offline work with the personal web server without having to be connected to the internet. I have correctly installed IIS5 and mapped the virtual dir., it all appears properly functioning. I have searched MS without any luck. Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>Pat

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    I have seen this problem on win2000 machines, it seems to be a bug in win2000 as it doesn&#039;t occur on 98 or nt.

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    My &#039;98 machine also has this problem.<BR><BR>Do you get the full dial up connect box or a smaller dialogue box with just two buttons - connect and cancel and the message "File not available offline."<BR><BR>If the latter click "connect". <BR>If the former click "offline" then retry the address. <BR>If you get a version from the cache click "refesh" <BR>If this still doesn&#039;t work try Netscape v4.0 I never had a problem with Netscape. You should test with netscape anyway as it is less forgiving of the HTML output than Explorer.<BR><BR>Still no joy try instead of http://localhost (Worked for me on an older machine. Don&#039;t ask me why.)<BR><BR>If you&#039;re on a local network try the IP adress for your network card.(Just a guess!)<BR><BR>If this doesn&#039;t work get Linux :-)<BR><BR>Steve.<BR><BR>

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