Hi all I hope someone can help with this stumper.<BR>I am using an Access 2000 database.<BR>I wont use any code here & waste space since all i have tried has not worked.<BR>I have a table called "results", In this table are "ID"(autonum),<BR>"Name", "Result"(is a number field)<BR>I want to pair the names field based on the result field.<BR>top value goes with lowest value like this.<BR>name result name result<BR>John 10 paired with Roy 1 &#039;&#060;&#060;&#060;each pair a single row<BR>Russ 9 paired with Steve 2<BR>Brian 8 paired with Troy 3<BR>Dave 7 paired with Fred 4<BR>Cathy 6 paired with Hairy 5<BR>the number in "Result" field is a test score and i want to match stronges and weekest together for the next test.<BR>Here is the tricky part.<BR>the number of people is unknowen. but will always be an even number. could be 2 - 2000 individuals taking test for all i know.<BR>and it is possible that the "Results" field and have duplicate values.<BR>I can order the values Asc, or Desc easy enough.<BR>But how do you loop through records and group together the highest value with the next lowes value available?<BR><BR>If someone can point me in right direction or just give me a line of code that will do the actual ordering as such i can figure out rest.<BR>Just seem to be drawing a blank on this.<BR>Thanks again in advance.<BR>Roger