Hi all...<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the problem that we&#039;ve encountered using the Persistent Web Page Counter as described on 4 Guys...<BR><BR>In using the FSO to create and write to/read from a .txt file to keep track of page hits, everything works as it should all day long. Totals are updated perfectly. Shut out the lights...leave the office. Great.<BR><BR>Next day: Time to check the page hits to our site. SURPRISE! The page hits have been reset overnight. The .txt file has somehow been wiped clean and everything starts "fresh".<BR><BR>Novice theory: I&#039;m thinking that there is some function or program which runs on the server overnight (Anti-virus, perhaps?) which looks for files that have been "ASP-created" (as opposed to manually uploaded to the server) and wipes them out. Perhaps it sees the ASP-created file as a possible virus since it was created with the FSO? Are files created using FSO somehow identified or tagged differently from manually uploaded files to make this scenario possible? Am I asking too many **** stupid questions?!!! :-)<BR><BR>My apologies if that sounds silly, but I&#039;m kind of stuck on what else could be causing this problem. I&#039;ve searched through 4 Guys but haven&#039;t found anything yet. Any suggestions from you ASP Gurus would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for considering this one for me!<BR><BR>John<BR><BR>