O Wise ones,<BR><BR>I got to ask this.<BR><BR>I have an ASP which creates files taking user inputs and it needs to move the file to another machine. Since File System Objects dont let you move files between machines, I am having a DLL to do it. So I planed to create object of this DLL in the ASP and achieve the file move.<BR><BR>I created the DLL according to the above plan and tested it on my local machine through VB. It does the work fine. I then took it over to the web server and registered it. However, When my ASP tries to move a file using an object of the above DLL, it gets a file/path access problem to move the file to the remote machine. <BR><BR>Since this is a permission problem, I wonder how the ASP logs on to the Web Server during execution. I got to understand which Login is the ASP using to call the method of the DLL. I need to find out exactly what Login account needs to have permissions on the Remote computer for the file move to be successful. <BR><BR>May I get any hint about it? Any suggestion is most welcome..Would love to know how the process logs on to the web server??<BR><BR>Thanks