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    Hello!<BR>I’d like to ask you for help.<BR>List of Users is in the SQL Server database.<BR>User1 with UserNick = “Alex” enter in application with “check.asp”. If OK, then Session (“UserName”) = UserNick.<BR>How can I get, that another User2 couldn’t enter at this time with same UserNick = “Alex”.<BR>I mean, that only one Alex can be present at this moment. If User1 (Alex) works with application, and at this moment User2 tries to login with same NickName(Alex), I want to not give access to User2, and inform him about it.<BR>Help me please.<BR><BR>Best regards, Lehich<BR>

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    you could use application variables to keep track of who&#039;s logged in i gues...<BR><BR>j

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