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Thread: forcing a refresh. how?

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    Default forcing a refresh. how?

    search result page&#062; <BR>click on file detail&#062;<BR>file detail page&#062;<BR>click link to go back to search result page....<BR>its old data!<BR><BR>I set response.expires = 0<BR>but...<BR>the page caches and i have to hit refresh to get it to show updates...<BR><BR>there is no response.refresh command to put at the top of pages?<BR>any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    patricklocke Guest

    Default RE: forcing a refresh. how? note:

    it seems to happen on onew server but not another? is that poss?

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    Default RE: forcing a refresh. how? note:

    I put the following code at the top of my asp page to expire the page. With this code the user has to click on the "refresh" button to display the page. If anyone knows how to make the page automatically refresh, that&#039;s what I am looking for too. <BR>I think I got the following from<BR><BR>Response.Buffer = True<BR>Response.ExpiresAbsolute = Now() - 1<BR>Response.Expires = 0<BR>Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"<BR><BR>sandy

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