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    I have an HTML page with a hyperlink which calls an ASP page that pulls a list of names from the database and puts them in a table as hyperlinks. These link to another ASP page which pulls further info about the name that was clicked on.<BR>In my first ASP page I have:<BR>Response.Write "&#060;tr&#062;&#060;td&#062;&#060;a href=&#039;Details.asp?name=" & objRS("Name")& "&#039;&#062;" & objRS("Name") & "&#060;/a&#062;&#060;/td&#062;"<BR>And in Details.asp I have:<BR>Name = Request.QueryString ("Name")<BR>strSQL = "Select * from tblName where [Name] =&#039;" & Name & "&#039;"<BR>If I just Response.write the SQL from Details.asp, I get "Select * from tblName where [Name] =&#039;Joe Smith&#039;" ,so "Name" is being passed, but when I try to execute the SQL and Response.Write the info into a table, it times out.

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    It times out??? That&#039;s not an error!<BR><BR>What are you doing afer that SQL? A time out is more likely to be produced by some infinite looping.<BR><BR>Bye,<BR>Carlos

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