2 <form> tags but same input fields

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Thread: 2 <form> tags but same input fields

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    My question is: Is it possible to have 2 buttons that go 2 different places and be able to grab the same data?<BR><BR>I have a delete and modify button with a table full of checkboxes so they can click each checkbox they want to modify or delete. <BR><BR>Matt

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    Default no nested forms

    I work a lot (like a lot) with &#060;FORM&#062;&#039;s. Very early on i discovered the inability to construct nested forms within your HTML code on ASP&#039;s. For your purposes, construct a single &#060;FORM&#062; with two radio buttons. Then, on the page that they are submitted to, do an IF..THEN checking to see which radio has been toggled-on. It&#039;s not the best solution, but it&#039;s really the only way i know of to achieve this.<BR><BR>Email me directly if u have questions on this work-around, or any other help. I&#039;d be happy to help you with ur code (helps me learn too).<BR><BR>webmaster@egoz.ORG

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