I need your help with this stored proc.<BR>Here&#039;s what I am trying to do. I am trying to update multiple records through stored proc.<BR>eg. I am trying to update the groupID of multiple employees with a stored procedure "sp_Assigngroup"<BR><BR>I have captured the employeeID from the previous page as follows.<BR>MyArray = Split(request("lstMember"), ",")<BR><BR>Now here is my stored proc.<BR>&#039;Get a new Connection object<BR> Set oConn = ConnOpenNewConnection()<BR> Set oCmd = CreateObject("ADODB.Command")<BR> &#039;set the propertie of command<BR> With oCmd<BR> .ActiveConnection = oConn<BR> .CommandText = "sp_AssignGroup"<BR> .CommandType = adcmdStoredProc<BR> .Parameters.Append <BR> .CreateParameter ("@GroupID",adInteger,adParamInput,Request.QuesryS tring("GroupID"))<BR> .Parameters.Append<BR> .CreateParameter("@EmpID",adArray,asParamInput,)<B R> I am stuck at the above line.<BR>How do I pass the array parameter.<BR><BR>I am in the learning pahse and any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR>Thanks a million!!<BR>