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Thread: This is JUST INSANE!

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    Default This is JUST INSANE!

    Ok let me calm down a sec so I can explain this...<BR><BR>I am doing a very simple input form for my boss. Believe me this is one of the first things I learned. <BR><BR>While building I got your normal errors like: "Expected End, Object method, etc." Nothing too complicated. Keep in mind for a sec that this page I am building is not even linked from any page. it was going to be a URL that only my boss knew.<BR><BR>HOWEVER!!!!!, EVERY single time I get one of these errors no one, and I do mean NO ONE can get to the Intranet. In fact when they try to load it the get Option Explicit errors and cannot go any further. My only option is to reboot the server. <BR><BR>Once I reboot everything is fine. Until I get another error on my page. Then the process starts all over again.<BR><BR>What&#039;s going on?????

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    Default Post some code please..<eop>


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    Default We can't help you...

    ...unless you show us some code, and tell us the exact error message you are receiving. It sounds like your code is doing some resource-chewing (like instantiating an object in an endless loop, etc.)<BR><BR>

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