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    Without using classes, is there a way of specifying parameters for a VBScript function as optional? In the function.<BR><BR>such that the function can be called with or without that parameter...<BR><BR>Function test (vOne, vTwo)<BR> ...<BR>end function<BR><BR>call test("hello", "goodbye")<BR>call test("hello")<BR><BR>would both work.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>-fatty

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Sorta kinda...<BR><BR>Just pass NULL to vTwo. Then, check for it inside your function, so you don&#039;t get an error.<BR><BR>Hopefully ASP.NET will support function overloading.

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    fatty Guest

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    yeah, thanks. The problem was actually updating about a hundred fifty function calls to include this new parameter.<BR><BR>we&#039;re just using a wrapper. thanks again though.

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